Nappe aux légumes

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Nappe de la maison Luc, brodée au Point de Beauvais par Anne Kryn.

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  1. JuanCa dit :

    Seanna Lea: Yes for this one I used a single snartd of embroidery floss! This kind of floss is as such -single-stranded one. If you like to use other embroidery floss (the one that is composed of six snartds) and want to achieve a fragile look then you may take out three snartds for example, while for a more robust fell and appearance – and stronger of course- you may employ the floss as a whole. I hope I made myself clear. If not, please ask.

  2. Mirose dit :

    waouuuu !!!!! très jolie cette nappe , vraiment magnifique…..bonne soirée


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